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My name is Yinett and my  husband Jose. We have been married for 19 years, we have 2 teenager boys, we are Latinos, my husband is from Mexico and I'm from Panama, and we speak English and Spanish, well, although my English is not very fluent and I have a strong accent, my clients have helped me a lot to improve my pronunciation, but that doesn't stop me from working hard every day. I love each of my clients, I am more than blessed and grateful to each of them.


I decided start this business because I'm extremely organized and detailed, with 3 men at home I learned  to always keep the house in good condition and immaculate. 

I love cleaning.

I chose the name Royals because it is a Christian song "We are Royals" I remember that February 2018 while I was in church singing this praise I felt a shiver run through my body, I was in the process of opening my business and with tears in my eyes I said to myself: "this will be the name that I will give my business" and that is how the name of Royals Cleaning was born.

We specialize in bi-weekly, Every three weeks or monthly residential cleaning services.  Royals Cleaning Services is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective company. Clients find that our services meet, or even exceed their expectations; because they are met with high quality, friendly, and ethical service team members.

 As a service company, we consider our staff to be our most important asset.  We have trained our staff  with all safety procedures.   We not only invest quality in cleaning for our clients  but we believe in investing in our employees as well. We customize our services to meet your specific needs.




    Luz Mery
    Supervisor and Technician Cleaner

    Techician Cleaner


     Angel is a Junior technician cleaner
    He helps us on week-ends with our Airbnb's and offices

    Daniel is a Junior technician cleaner
    He helps us on week-ends with our Airbnb's 

    Take back your time with a professional cleaning!

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